New Events
Autumn Souls Of Sofia Festival 2017 vol.3EPIZOD at Bar-Club Adams
HOCICO Live in Sofia! Support Act DJ WILLMother's Cake + Nu/Ance Live in Sofia
Nightwish Tribute by New ProsceniumDocument One + Trimer + local support
Midas Fall / Raised by SwansMetal Gates Festival 16-18.11.2017 Bucharest
The Foreshadowing + Aegonia Live in SofiaPERO DEFFORMERO Live in Sofia
SEVI - Live + Birthday PartyVulture Industries + Vokyl Live in Sofia
November's Doom Days, January editionAutumn Souls of Sofia Festival 2017 Day 1Autumn Souls of Sofia Festival 2017 Day 2Upgrader at Bar Club Adams
EasywayFit - EMS Fitness